May 2021

The Dragon’s Hole: Beltane Revelries and Saintly Slayings


The Dragon’s Hole was said to be the den of a deadly dragon during the 6th Century. The beast would leave its lair within the steeply wooded slopes of the Kinnoull Hill in Perthshire and descend on the helpless inhabitants of the Tay Valley. Cattle were slaughtered and beautiful maidens were abducted. In desperation, the [...]

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January 2021

From Imbolc to Candlemas; From the Goddess Brìde to Saint Brigid.


Imbolc is a festival which pre-dates the arrival of Christianity in Scotland. The Coming of Christianity In the dawning of time, when Christian missionaries first arrived on Scotland’s shores, they faced a colossal challenge. They were dealing with a strange mix of peoples: the Dal Riadic people of the West, the indigenous Britons of Strathclyde [...]

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April 2020

Beltane Brìde


In Scotland, Beltane and May Day are almost synonymous. May Day is a Spring holiday celebrated across Europe on May the First. It has ancient origins, some which extend back into the pagan rituals of the Romans. For the Gaelic-speaking people it aligns with Beltane (or Beltainn), celebrated each year on the 30th of April. [...]

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February 2018

Scottish Myths and Legends


From before the dawn of history, the early ancestors of the people we now know as the Scots, built impressive monuments which have caught the imagination of those who have followed in their wake. Stone circles, chambered cairns, brochs and vitrified forts stir within us something primeval and stories have been born from their mystical [...]

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