February 2020

The Curse of Patrick Hamilton


Patrick Hamilton was only 24 years old on that fateful day in 1528. A tempest was raging through the streets of St Andrews, home to Scotland’s oldest university and once the resting place of the bones of Scotland’s patron saint. Another storm was raging in the hearts of the Scottish people. The flames which consumed [...]

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Haunted Scottish Highlands: The Massacre at Glencoe


Murder! Massacre! Betrayal! Treason! Glencoe is one of the most spectacular areas of unspoiled wilderness in Scotland. There is a haunting quality about the moor-clad mountains that stand as sentinels over the eight-mile-long glen which runs from east to west along the northern border of Argyll. And there are those who say that the glen [...]

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Sacrist Downie: A Tale of Revenge and Death at Aberdeen University.


Less is known about the life of Sacrist Downie than his death. Some think he may never have existed. Indeed, there is no record of the Sacrist ever having worked at Aberdeen University. Today on the 525th anniversary of the University, we are going to investigate a dark tale of revenge and death! The 10th [...]

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