April 2020

The Declaration of Arbroath and Historical Events at Arbroath Abbey

April 6th, 2020|Arbroath Abbey, Battle of Arbroath, Cardinal Beaton, Declaration of Arbroath, Declaration of Arbroath, Haunted, Medieval, Reformation, Robert the Bruce, Scottish Protestant Reformation, Scottish Wars of Independence, Stone of Destiny|

The Declaration of Arbroath was signed on the 6th of April 1320. Robert the Bruce and a retinue of earls and knights met at Arbroath Abbey to sign the historic document. Not only was this most [...]

March 2020

Spooky Scotland’s Guide to the Scotland’s Haunted Highlands and Islands

March 29th, 2020|Castle, Cryptozoology, Curse, Ghost, Haunted, Highland Clearances, Myths and Legends, Orkney, Pictish, Seer, Skye, Spirit, Stone Circle, The Second Sight, The Sight, Witch|

Perhaps nowhere in the world has as many tales of hauntings as Scotland's Haunted Highlands. The Landscape and Scotland's Haunted Highlands There is a haunting quality to the Highlands of Scotland which conjure up images of [...]

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The Bean Nighe, a female spirit from Scotland's folklore. Regarded as an omen of death.

Come visit the land where the spirits roam free
Where witches and warlocks and ghosties you’ll see.
Come visit the abode of our restless kin
Where the veil to the spirit’s realm grows thin.
Come visit the sites where folk mourned their losses
By building tombstones marked with skull crosses.
Come visit the land where the castles are haunted
By some of the world’s ghostly most wanted.
Come visit the land where Halloween’s birth
Samhain, the feast of winter’s rebirth.
Come visit the place where druids did rove
By standing stones or hallowed grove.
Come visit the land where deep in the night
Myths and legends are whispered by candlelight
Of faerie folk called the Sith
And vampire women known as Baobhan Sìth,
Of brownies and boggles and giants and selkies,
And ghosties and ghoulies and demons and kelpies.
Come visit the land where those have the ‘Sight’
Come visit Spooky Scotland by night.

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