December 2017

Bring out the Dead! Or Brick them up Alive! Black Death in Edinburgh!


Plague! What could be a more chilling, bloodcurdling cry in Scotland during medieval times? Not even advancing armies could inspire such dread as the approaching doom of Bubonic Plague or ‘the Black Death’. The best ghost stories always involve dark deeds and dreadful deaths and it is small wonder that Edinburgh is said to [...]

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The Curse of Clava Cairns


  The Highlands of Scotland are shrouded in myths and stories of ancient guardians who protect the sacred sites and burial mounds of our dead ancestors. The area surrounding Inverness is particularly rich in legend, haunted history and tales of the supernatural.  The folklore surrounding the Loch Ness Monster is known throughout the world and [...]

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Spectral Terrors in Edinburgh’s Tolbooth Tavern


From the outside, No.167 Canongate looks impressive. A huge clock overhangs the archway over Tolbooth Wynd and it is obvious that the five-storey high building is one of the Canongate’s oldest remaining constructions. The Tolbooth Tavern was built in 1591 and should not be confused with the Tolbooth Prison, a building which was once [...]

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Myths and Legends: The Kelpies


Scotland's "Kelpies" are the largest equine structures in the world but what is a Kelpie? In a recent visit to Stirling, we went to see the ‘Kelpies’ at the Helix Park between Falkirk and Grangemouth. Standing at thirty metres (just short of hundred feet) and weighing some 300 tonnes each, the statues are the tallest [...]

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Why Was the Skull and Crossbones Carved On So Many Old Scottish Gravestones?


A visit to Elgin Cathedral reveals a haphazard array of tombstones eerily carved with skulls, coffins and hourglasses. It seems almost morbid and creepy to us with our modern sensitivities and a culture where talk of death is taboo but let’s rewind back a few hundred years to post-reformation Scotland. In a world of poverty, [...]

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