January 2021

King James VI and The North Berwick Witch Trials


The events which led to the North Berwick Witch Trials began, not in Scotland, but at the other side of the North Sea. It all began on the 22nd October when James VI, King of Scots set sail for Norway to collect his bride, Anne of Denmark. The Scottish King got caught up in [...]

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The Burning Times: The Scottish Witch Trials


Between 1563 and 1763 Scotland was a country in flux and the resulting paranoia fueled the Scottish Witch Trials. Belief in witchcraft was common during the Middle Ages, but the leaders of the Catholic church were largely skeptical, seeing it as folklore rather than something sinister. Lawyers were only interested in cases were harm [...]

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Yuletide Greenery


Dismantling the Yuletide greenery was an important event on Uphalieday, Twelfth Night or what is known as Epiphany in the Christian calendar. Decking the halls with Yuletide Greenery at Christmastime is an ancient tradition. Its origins stretch back to a time before Christianity reached Scotland’s shores. It stretches back to a time of druids and [...]

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