December 2020

Christmas in Scotland through the Ages


Did you know that once upon a time, Christmas was banned in Scotland- by the Kirk? And that Christmas has only recently become a public holiday? However, from before the dawn of time, this time of year has been important to the inhabitants of Scotland. Stone Age Megaliths are aligned to the Winter Solstice. Many [...]

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September 2020

Turning the Wheel of the Year


The turning of the wheel of the year is something which is always with us. At the summer solstice, I stood watching the sunset at the Browland Standing Stones in Garmouth, one of the villages on the Spey Estuary. The standing stones make a four-poster circle which is an unusual stone circle configuration for the [...]

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June 2020

Saint Columba: The Man, the Myth, the Legend


The Feast Day of Saint Columba is celebrated on the 9th of June, on the anniversary of his death. In Gaelic, his name is Colum Cille which means ‘church dove’. But the princeling monk was not always the gentle servant of God: his zeal and thirst for learning sparked the first copyright dispute in history [...]

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