April 2021

Gowk Day: April’s Fool’s Day in Scotland


Gowk Day is Scotland’s take on April ‘Fools Day and is also celebrated on the 1st of April. In Scots ‘gowk’ has a double meaning. It can be a cuckoo or a fool. However, the cuckoo also features prominently in Scottish folklore and even has connections with the Standing Stones of Calanais. Gowk Day: Hunting [...]

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April 2020

The Battle of Culloden: Premonitions, Harbingers and the Second Sight


The Battle of Culloden was the last battle to be fought upon British soil. The Battle would prove to be the death knell of the Jacobite cause. On the lead up to the Battle, there were who had premonitions that things would not go well for the Jacobites. Events at the Battle of Culloden The [...]

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March 2020

Spooky Scotland’s Guide to the Scotland’s Haunted Highlands and Islands


Perhaps nowhere in the world has as many tales of hauntings as Scotland's Haunted Highlands. The Landscape and Scotland's Haunted Highlands There is a haunting quality to the Highlands of Scotland which conjure up images of kilted clansmen appearing out of the mist. The ruins of abandoned cottages are remnants of a way of life [...]

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February 2020

Haunted Scottish Highlands: The Massacre at Glencoe


Murder! Massacre! Betrayal! Treason! Glencoe is one of the most spectacular areas of unspoiled wilderness in Scotland. There is a haunting quality about the moor-clad mountains that stand as sentinels over the eight-mile-long glen which runs from east to west along the northern border of Argyll. And there are those who say that the glen [...]

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December 2018

The Curse of Clava Cairns


The Highlands of Scotland are shrouded in myths and stories of ancient guardians who protect the sacred sites and burial mounds of our dead ancestors. The area surrounding Inverness is particularly rich in legend, haunted history and tales of the supernatural.  The folklore surrounding the Loch Ness Monster is known throughout the world and there [...]

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March 2018

Haunted Scottish Highlands: Eilean Donan


Eilean Donan lies in one of the most scenic spots in Scotland. Built on an island, where Loch Duich, Long Long and Loch Alsh meet, it was once the site of an Iron Age vitrified fort, built by the Picts. It takes its name from a Gaelic Priest, Saint Donnán of Eigg who lived around [...]

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February 2018

Scottish Myths and Legends


From before the dawn of history, the early ancestors of the people we now know as the Scots, built impressive monuments which have caught the imagination of those who have followed in their wake. Stone circles, chambered cairns, brochs and vitrified forts stir within us something primeval and stories have been born from their mystical [...]

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