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Baisd Bheulach

Aug 1, 2023 | Bestiary

Baisd Bealach Odail or Baisd Bheulach

Baisd Bealach Odail  literally means “Beast of Odal Pass.” This apparition reportedly haunted the Pass of Odal, from Kylerhea (Caol Reatha) to the Sound of Skye, while the first public road through it was being built. Whatever this creature was, it did not always appear in the same shape. Sometimes it bore the form of a man, or a one-legged man; at other times it appeared like a greyhound, or a beast prowling about; and sometimes it was heard uttering frightful shrieks, terrifying the workmen. People who travelled through the Pass at night were frequently thrown down and hurt by the apparition, and only with difficulty reached a place of safety. This apparition was given the name Baisd Bealach Odail

The haunting stopped when a man was found dead at the roadside, pierced with two wounds, one on his side and one on his leg, with a hand pressed on each wound. It is thought that the wounds were inflicted by something other than human!

Fact File

Name Pronunciation:

The name “Biasd Bealach Odail” is Gaelic, with a general pronunciation as “BEE-asd BAY-lach OH-dale.”

Baisd Bealach Odail Appearance:

The Biasd Bealach Odail, also known as Baisd Bheulach, exhibits a remarkable ability to shape-shift. At times, it assumes the guise of a man, or intriguingly, a one-legged man. It can also transform into an animal form, appearing as a greyhound or a beast of an indeterminate type.

Baisd Bealach Odail Habitat:

This creature resides in the highlands, within the vicinity of the Odal Pass on the Isle of Skye. Its sightings are primarily nocturnal, making its presence known under the cloak of darkness.

Baisd Bealach Odail Behaviour:

The Biasd Bealach Odail is known for its unpredictable and fearsome behaviour. It prowls its territory, eliciting fear among those who cross its path. It’s known to emit terrifying shrieks and outcries that are capable of instilling dread in the hearts of even the bravest of workmen, causing them to abandon their bothies in sheer terror. This creature’s activity is predominantly nocturnal, with it being seen or heard only during the night.


While the Biasd Bealach Odail exhibits unique attributes, notably its shape-shifting abilities and frightful cries, its one-legged human form draws parallels to the Fachan, another one-legged creature in Scottish folklore. Its ability to assume a hound-like form also recalls other beastly entities in Celtic lore, such as the Cu Sith.

Baisd Bealach Odail Locality in Scotland:

The Biasd Bealach Odail’s range is specifically localized to the Odal Pass on the Isle of Skye. Its presence in this remote, rugged terrain contributes to the distinctive local folklore of the area, offering a chilling account of the dangers that supposedly lurk within the Highland darkness.


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