February 2020

Saint Valentine and the Glasgow Connection


February the 14th is a time when all the romantics' hearts are set aflutter at the prospect of Valentine's Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine.  People find themselves travelling around to globe to places renowned for their romantic moods. Paris, Rome and Venice all lay claim to being 'The City of Love' but did [...]

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September 2018

The Burning Times: The Scottish Witch Trials


Between 1563 and 1763 Scotland was a country in flux and the resulting paranoia fueled the Scottish Witch Trials. Belief in witchcraft was common during the Middle Ages, but the leaders of the Catholic church were largely skeptical, seeing it as folklore rather than something sinister. Lawyers were only interested in cases were harm [...]

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July 2018

The Brahan Seer: Scotland’s Nostradumus


The crowds gathered at Chanonry Point, a spit of land which extends into the Moray Firth, between the Black Isle towns of Fortrose and Rosemarkie. The curse proclaiming the downfall of the house of Seaforth was still ringing in their ears. Isabella, Countess of Seaforth, was undeterred. She would have her revenge upon the man [...]

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February 2018

Haunted Scottish Highlands: Cawdor Castle


Immortalised by Shakespeare in his play ‘Macbeth’, built around a holly tree and haunted by an apparition said to be the ghost of an heiress once kidnapped by one of the most powerful families in Scotland, Cawdor Castle lies in a peaceful location which belies its dramatic and intriguing past. Nestled in the heart of [...]

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December 2017

Why Was the Skull and Crossbones Carved On So Many Old Scottish Gravestones?


A visit to Elgin Cathedral reveals a haphazard array of tombstones eerily carved with skulls, coffins and hourglasses. It seems almost morbid and creepy to us with our modern sensitivities and a culture where talk of death is taboo but let’s rewind back a few hundred years to post-reformation Scotland. In a world of poverty, [...]

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